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Webdatamation announces FileDroid – a great new Android file manager for your Android powered phone.

File management in Android's native system is cumbersome and not intuitive. In fact, you can't do basic things you expect to be able to do, like browse, rename and move files.

This latest release once more illustrates Webdatamation's commitment to staying at the cutting edge of technology and creating new applications that make life easier for anyone in today's high-tech communication world.

Working with the Android system that synchronizes all your Android powered phone files and processes with your Google account online, FileDroid makes it simple to find, use and mange all your files on your mobile device.

Please report bugs/feature requests to  android (at)

Version 1.0.17 Features:

Download plugin - Download any type of file (including those for which no apps are installed) using your phone's web browser

Search for files

Move, copy, and delete any files or folders

Displays File Extensions

Open general files like audio files, video or photo files, or any file that has a view application installed on the mobile device

Install any application that has .apk files stored on an attached SD card

Email any file on the mobile device as an attachment

Ability to send xls and doc files

Incorporate bug fixes reported by existing users

Thumbnail view mode

Select multiple items

Set wallpaper/ringtone from any position of SD Card

Shortcut on desktop

Sort By(Name, Size, Type, Date Modified)

Support unzip (not encrypted zips)

Other Package Details:

Webdatamations' FileDroid surpasses the other file management application for Android in ease of use and full features. Take advantage of the great new file manager for Android and Webdatamation's technological expertise with FileDroid, and see the difference it makes in your mobile experience.

We hope you find this new App useful, and we'd appreciate any suggestions for additional features or reports of bugs. Let us know what you think at android (at)

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