Product Development

The team at Webdatamation has been knitted with people who carry a huge experience in product development. This equips the organization to ably understand and overcome the challenges in product development. Well formulated strategies and technology have been devised for product development.

Challenges in Product Development
  • Design and development of product should cater to future needs of the target market segment. Thus the design process should be highly flexible and extensible.
  • Product Development encompasses many different disciplines and skill sets. With the business model and requirements changing, product development brings with self a lot of risk and complexity.
  • Product Development timelines are the primary factor in determining time-to-market.

The key features which make us the best choice for your Product Development partner are:

  • Webdatamation's strong foothold in technologies like in Microsoft, Mobile and Web Services, and experience with applications such as MS Exchange and Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase) enable Webdatamation to successfully deliver products for the clients.
  • Vast pool of talent with huge experience in product development.
  • A sizeable pool of resources with experience in enterprise product designs.
  • Availability of product specific tools and resources
  • And skill set for localization/internationalization of products.
  • Reduced product development costs
  • Faster time-to-market for your products.
  • Focus on strategic priorities such as next generation products.
  • Effective management of peaks and troughs at different stages of your product lifecycle.
  • Extending your products to new technology platforms
  • Lower time to take products to market.
  • Increase quality and gain market share for your product.
Webdatamation Product Development Offerings:
  • Software Research and Development.
  • Product design & development.
  • Design Consulting
  • Product migration & re-engineering.
  • Full Product / Software Testing Cycle & quality assurance (QA ).
  • Product maintenance and support.
Application Assessment

Webdatamation provides application Performance & Security assessment services for our clients. This includes performance benchmarking, application code reviews, application security vulnerabilities assessment, security or audit guidelines compliance etc. These services are now being seen as essential investment for any application for a successful deployment. Our offerings in application assessment are:

  • Application Performance Benchmarking
  • Application Performance Enhancement
  • Audit Compliance
  • Security Threats Assessment
  • Application Technical Review
Development Services

Webdatamation is gradually being recognized as a credible provider in technology and system integration with wide range of offerings spanning across plethora of technologies, domains like enterprise solutions, systems integration, technical architectures, business intelligence & infrastructure consulting.

The technical team at Webdatamation some of the best engineers in the country and bring along with themselves in depth knowledge in various domains.

Currently we provide Development Services and offshore outsourcing solutions to enterprises in the following areas:

.NET Development Services

.NET framework allows architects, analysts and developers to spend more time and effort focusing on their client's business issues and less time wrestling with the limitations of the technology itself. Webdatamation's Microsoft .NET team develops and delivers comprehensive solutions utilizing the full range of .NET functionality.

  • Migration of applications to .NET
  • .NET Architecture and design evaluation
  • .NET custom control development
  • Consulting in developing custom enterprise applications development based on .NET framework
  • .NET Desktop and Web Application Development
  • .NET Software Product Development
  • Web Services based .NET Application development
Database Development Services

The Technical team at Webdatamation has experience in Database Application Development, setting up and using different databases, from small and fast MySQL; used for small projects, to huge and efficient Oracle database servers with complex structure. We have a team with strong database management background and PL SQL programming experience and with strong expertise of making database applications on Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL and others. Our offerings in database development are:

  • Data Management and Integration to improve business and operational efficiencies
  • Design and Development to support enterprise information requirements by delivering quality Oracle databases, data warehouses and business applications
  • Application Management to help reduce costs and improve system effectiveness
Custom Application Development

With increasing demands, enterprises worldwide are finding it difficult to implement, and support new applications, while at the same time, maintaining and upgrading their existing systems. The Webdatamation development center provides custom software development to fulfill these requirements. Some of our Custom Application Development solutions include:

  • Increase project collaboration and minimize risk, through use of communication tools
  • Improve application quality through proven methodologies and quality processes

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