Welcome to WebDatamation

“A one stop shop for all your Web needs.”

Who We Are

WebDatamation is not your standard IT Company. It consists of dozens of professionals specializing in content management systems, product development, web design and the custom web applications. With its origins in the New York, New Jersey regions, WebDatamation is now an international IT solutions provider. Our reputation has been built on our long list of perfectly satisfied clients.

WebDatamation sets itself apart from other companies because of exceptional work at reasonable rates. We offer hands-on development of every project. We love what we do and want you to love what we do, so go ahead put us to the test!

Even though we started off like any other IT company, our company has evolved into so much more. It all began with a frustrated group of computer professionals wanting to do more in their industry. Rather than one person or company doing a part of your project, WebDatamation is a group of professionals, each of who specialize in the different aspects of completing and perfecting the project. It provides a continuum of ideas and solutions, leaving minimal room for error. What does this mean to you? It means you end up with a customized solution based product, while dealing with individuals that cover all your web needs.

We do our utmost to deliver results you are thrilled about and we are proud of, while keeping to our core values -- honesty and integrity in our way of business.